Noosa and longboards are a match made in heaven.

Noosa itself is practically synonymous with longboarding in Australia. This is due both to the famous Noosa points and the fact that it was the heart of Aussie longboarding in the 50s and 60s.

In recent years, Noosa has kept the reputation for being a longboarding mecca whilst transforming into a trendy holiday destination for Australians and travellers alike. All of whom are drawn to the excellent Queensland weather, warm water and the promise of perfect waves.

If these things also excite you then you’re in the right place. This guide will show you how to maximise your time in this beautiful coastal town and find the best places to surf.

Longboarding in Noosa

Noosa is longboard heaven… no two ways about it.

Its reputation as a world-class longboarding destination is backed by its status as a World Surfing Reserve. In terms of natural beauty, the Noosa National Park also consists of 4,000 hectares of unspoiled bushland.

As for the waves, well, they’re practically in a league of their own. There are surf spots for all skill levels ranging from beginners right up to professionals. There’s also a good mix of different breaks, such as rivermouths, beaches and points.

The jewels in the crown, however, are Noosa’s righthand pointbreaks. There are five of these world-class points in total, ranging from First Point to the challenging yet stunning Granite Bay.

Longboard Hire Noosa Hire

So you’ve made your way to Noosa but couldn’t bring a board.

Well, turns out that Noosa is also the place to come if you need to rent quality longboards. Popular Noosa longboard rental stores such as By Earth and Ocean, for example, stock a fantastic selection of logs for hire.

Of course, this is just one option that offers Noosa longboards for rent.

Noosa Longboarding Experiences

You can’t talk about Noosa and longboards without discussing one of our favourite local events – the Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Established in 1992, this community-led festival is a must-attend for anyone out there with even the slightest interest in longboarding or surfing in general. Professional surfers from Japan, France, Hawaii, New Zealand and around Australia come every year to test their skills on Noosa’s waves.

There are also art shows, shaping exhibitions and live music to enjoy, which means that the Noosa Festival of Surfing appeals to all age groups and all kinds of surfers.

Now that’s what we love to hear!

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