Kirra Hill Lookout is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike located in the iconic surfing suburb of Kirra in the Gold Coast region of Queensland, Australia. Here’s everything you need to know about this iconic lookout:


Kirra Hill Lookout is situated on the top of Kirra Hill, which is approximately 2 km from Coolangatta Beach and 6 km from Surfers Paradise. The lookout provides stunning panoramic views of the coastline, Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta, and the hinterland. It’s also a fantastic place to check the surf, watch the sunrise and spot whales during their migration season.

Eagle Sculpture

The ‘Kirra Eagle’ or ‘Rusty Chook’, a public artwork by late local artist Craig Medson (1960-2015), is also known as the Sea Eagle sculpture. It was erected on Kirra Hill in October 1983 and holds great historical importance for the area.

However, engineering experts have recently concluded that due to gradual structural deterioration, the sculpture can no longer be safely exhibited in the open air. Therefore, the sculpture was removed and placed in storage in March 2021 when the Kirra Hill renovation project commenced.


Kirra Hill Lookout has a rich history, with evidence of Indigenous occupation dating back thousands of years. The lookout was also used as a signalling station during World War II.


Kirra Hill Lookout offers a range of facilities for visitors, including picnic tables, barbeque facilities and a hot water urn, perfect for a warm cuppa on a cold winter’s day!

Walking tracks

There are several walking tracks that lead to and from the lookout, offering visitors the chance to explore the surrounding areas and take in more spectacular scenery. A short walk away is also the main street of Coolangatta, where you will find plenty of cafes, shops and entertainment.


Kirra Hill Lookout is wheelchair accessible, with a paved pathway leading to the lookout and facilities. There is also plenty of parking available for visitors.


The lookout is a popular venue for events, including weddings, birthdays, and community gatherings. The sheltered area can be hired for these events.

Nearby attractions

Kirra Hill Lookout is located close to a range of other coastal attractions cluding Greenmount, Rainbow Bay, Snapper Rocks and the Gold Coast Airport. The nearby hub of Coolangatta also offers a range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

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