Experiencing the luminscent blue shimmering of glow worms to the ethereal backdrop of a naturally flowing waterfall backlit with the last rays of sunshine, is an experience that the whole family will recall for a lifetime at the Glow Worm Cave at the Natural Bridge in Springbrook.

You can experience unique encounter for yourself at the Natural Bridge located in Springbrook National park , nestled 45 minutes drive inland from the Gold Coast’s famous beaches. While the ascent up the mountain is renowned for its narrow and extremely windy roads, conveniently the Natural Bridge sits at the base of the mountain, allowing for easy access from the Coast’s buzzing epicentre.

The rainforest stroll leading to the Natural Bridge forms an accessible 1.1km loop. At the trailhead, ample parking, water and basic restroom facilities are available. The path itself is relatively level and suitable for families, with only a few steps to navigate. Remember to wear closed in shoes, bring a water bottle, spray jacket, insect repellent, some table salt in case of leeches and a torch if venturing out at dusk? And why would you venture out on a hiking trail at dusk you ask? Well, the answer lurks right above you…

Witnessing the Natural Bridge is a truly mesmerizing experience in its own right. While it may not boast the grandeur of the largest waterfalls in the region, its unique formation captivates with sunlight streaming through a cave opening, casting an enchanting glow within the flowing water.

But as dusk descends into night, the cave is transformed by an ethereal blue radiance of the resident glow worms scattered overhead, adding a touch of magic to an already captivating scene.

The Natural Bridge is an unmissable attraction when exploring the Gold Coast, offering a delightful contrast to the urban hustle and bustle of the nearby skyscraper-lined coastline.

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